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"The Children's Lottery" front cover by E. R. Reilly


The Story : "The Children's Lottery" by E R Reilly

The world's richest man does not have a child to leave his millions to. He decides to hold a lottery but you have to be under sixteen to buy a ticket. Then the most exciting adventure in the whole world begins.

Pricing :
Description ISBN Price
The Children's Lottery 0953922994 6.00
Postage   2.00

What they said
"Every child should have access to books of this quality." - The Times

"Beautifully written.....A joy to read." - Alice Phelan - The Irish Times

"Refreshing and feel good." - Michael Coulson - The Book Reviewer

You can contact me to arrange a visit to your school or ask a question by simply emailing me by clicking the button above. Or just fill out the contact sheet and I'll call you.

E. R. Reilly
Santiago Press
19 Oxford Street
B30 2LH

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